Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Working on Engineering Report

Thompson Engineering has finished the long awaited report that will document the present day condition of the Sand island Lighthouse. This report is the product of thousands of hours of work by Thompson Engineering, The Town Of Dauphin islands, all volunteer lighthouse committee and the all volunteer 501C3 nonprofit Alabama Lighthouse Association.

OK, so what the heck have you guys been doing this for?

This report was required for several reasons.
1. It will determine the best way to preserve the lighthouse for future generations to enjoy.
2. It will examine the different methods and costs of relocating the structure and determine if it is practical to even attempt to move it.
3. It will provide several design options and estimate the cost associated with the building of a man made island that would function as a public park and recreation area at the site.
4. This report will be the foundation for the development of a business plan that the Town Of Dauphin Island will be asked to approve that will be administered by the Alabama Lighthouse Association in conjunction with the Dauphin Island Sand Island Lighthouse committee.

In a nut shell it gives us the information we need to make and intelligent decision about what we will be doing with the Sand Island lighthouse in the future.

Remember our end goal is to preserve, protect the lighthouse's and develop a public recreation area from the sites that you and yours can enjoy forever!