Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Middle Bay Lighthouse inspected by ALA Aug 25 2007

Lighthouse inspection report:
Inspection done Aug 25 2007 by Warren and Paula Lee visually by boat.
No entry to the lighthouse was made

I went out to the Middle Bay lighthouse this past weekend

All of the windows were closed and intact.There is what appears to be rotten wood near the bottom left corner of the Eastern most top window. The french doors on the northern side are wide open and folded back to the wall. Leaving about a six foot opening to the rain.

The wood landing platform is in pretty good shape with a couple of top boards missing.The lighthouse handrails are really in horrible shape.

The under side supporting steel really needs a good chipping and painting.

The wood outside needs grinding and painting. We really need to schedule some work or paint party's for it.

I can schedule a couple of work days and round up people to go and grind and paint.What do you guys think about that idea. The lighthouse sure needs the attention. Lets see what Art (Middle Bays new Chairman thinks)

My best guess if we buy one of the new paint remover grinders is that it would take about seven full man hour days of work to remove the outside paint using one grind.

If we can get enough people to do the work. That is working in shifts and keeping the machine going non stop we can do one side a day. Paint removal, priming and painting.

We need signs to install at the site cautioning the public about the danger.

There is much rope around the metal work at the bottom an indication of boats tying off to the lighthouse angle braces. Some of the angle braces seem loosed from the pounding of boats working on the ropes.

We need signs warning of fines if anyone is caught doing this.
Perhaps something along these lines:

Warning! Unlawful to tie your vessel to any Aid to Navigation.
Your may be subject to fines and arrest if you tie off here.
Please anchor and fish. Thank You!

I will try to get out next week and secure the doors in case we get a hurricane coming.

Warren Lee