Friday, August 24, 2007

Update August 24 2007


We have heard back from the Alabama Historical Commission 8-24-2007 and they have approved Thompson Engineerings plan for emergency repairs at the Sand Island Lighthouse.

This is great news!

We intend to do emergency repairs totaling around $350K right now.
(That is all the funds we have right now)

Once a contract with the Town Of Dauphin island and Thompson has been created and approved. Thompson will help us engineer,plan and oversee the work on the Sand Island lighthouse base. We intend to repair the ring around the bottom and repair some of the damaged cracks and bricks near the bottom.

We are scheduling the repairs to be done in the spring of 2008.
Winter will be on us before we can undertake the repairs this summer.
Many yards of concrete and tons of materials will have to be transported out to the lighthouse and much planning and work will have to be done. We just do not have enough time this summer to get it done.

I have received a lot of historical photos of the Sand island lighthouse from Daniel Scarcliff on Dauphin island and will work on editing them and examining them in microscopic detail to gather whatever information I can about historical data related to the lighthouse. Daniel went to the National Archives at his own expense and got these photos to help the lighthouse project with.
Thanks Daniel

In the past we have been able to learn several important details from these antique photos.
We hope to make new and exciting discoveries from this batch of photos as well

All for now,
Warren Lee
Chairman Sand Island Lighthouse