Thursday, May 1, 2008


Recently I was traveling to Dauphin Island for the purpose of going out to the lighthouse to operate the safety boat while the contractors were let ashore from the barge to the island to inspect the Sand Island Lighthouse.
As I was driving along I was reflecting upon a conversation that I had a day earlier, at which time I was speaking with a reporter from the Birmingham News.

During our conversation he asked me the age old question many reporters quite often ask me.
"Why should we/you spend the money to save this lighthouse?"
I had given to him the standard answer that I usually gave, about this being the last seacoast lighthouse of its type build by they famous lighthouse builder Winslow Lewis etc...

Later the next day I went to the Dauphin Island Sea Lab to meet with a class of fifth graders from Birmingham Alabama to receive a check for the $1000 that they had raised in an effort to help Save Sand Island Lightouse. While there, I had a very unique opportunity to hear some of their answers to this very same question..

Over and over I heard it echoed from them,
" When I grow up I would like to to take my family (wife/husband and kids) out to this lighthouse recreation area to teach them about our important maritime history. I also would like to be able to tell them that I was a part of saving this important historical structure for them and their children to have to enjoy and use.
Wow, What powerful words.


Warren Lee
Chairman Sand Island Lighthouse Committee
Alabama Lighthouse Association