Friday, January 9, 2009

Sand Island Lighthouse Postage Stamp

A new postage stamp has been created using the Sand Island Lighthouse.
Warren Lee worked as a consultant with USPS employees to help develop the stamp.
Slated for release this summer. Warren hopes the publicity of the stamp will increase awareness of the plight they are having attempting to raise the funds to save this great lighthouse. volunteers have been working for years trying to save this great majestic historical building and turn it into a educational, recreational site. Open to the public.

The lighthouse volunteers have been able to raise only a small portion of the needed funds so far. They are spending the funds on the things that are immediatly needed to keep the tower standing as they become available.

100% of the money raised by us is used on the lighthouse. All of the administrative duties and oversight is being done by volunteers.

Many of the volunteers pay for needed items out of their own pockets right now.
A testimate to the dedication of the people associated with this project.

We have over two hundred members and volunteers involved in the project and our membership still continues to grow. The political and popular support is also growing and we believe that it will be possible to raise the several million dollars that are needed to complete this project.

However we are working against the inevitable time that a hurricane will strike the lighthouse. it is possible that it will destroy the lighthouse before we are able to raise enough funding to pay for enough repair work to be done to the tower restoring it to a level where it can once again take the pounding of hurricanes.

The Town of Dauphin island legally owns it, but the lighthouse really belongs to all of the citizens of the United States and we hope that thousands get the chance to visit, stay and enjoy the tranquility and magic that is the Sand Island lighthouse one day soon.