Saturday, September 1, 2007

Sand Island Lighthouse Double Keepers Dwelling

It was a duplex dwelling 2638Sqft living area (588Sqft Verandas/Porches) 3226Sqft under roof that was of wood construction on Sand Island.
It had a veranda (porch) on the front and rear of the home each supported by seven wooden posts. A wooden railing lined each veranda
The verandas (porches) were 7ft wide by 42ft long.
Each duplex (1319SqFt) had a Kitchen 11ft x 12ft, Storage room 8ft x 6ft, Dining room 12ft x 14ft, Parlor 12ft x 14ft and a closet downstairs. Upstairs were 3 bedrooms, 2ea. 12ft x 14ft in size and one that was 6ft x 5ft 6inch in size. We only call it a bedroom because that is how it was labeled on the original plans.One of the bedrooms had a walk in closet 6ft x 5ft in size and the other had a regular sized closet. The third smallest bedroom upstairs had no closet.
Each duplex had an 8inch x 12 inch chimney in its center.
Water was supplied from a wooden cistern located beside the house. Rain water was collected by capturing the rain running off the roof in copper gutters and routing that into the cistern.
The two kitchens were built along the sides of the house.
All of the windows had working wood shutters
This information was taken from copies of the original plans for the dwelling obtained from the National Archives.

PS We did not forget the bathrooms. Outhouses were used at the time
And each tenant got there own outhouse so they did not have to share.
and another tidbit for you, the hole in the seat was 81/2 inchs in diameter.
We have copies of the original plans for the outhouses. :)
Have a great day
Warren Lee